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About us

Our story

Our company was established in 1996, so it has a long history in custom furniture and series production. Galignum started as a family business and by now, the second generation is involved in joint work. In recent years, we have fulfilled hundreds of domestic and foreign orders, focusing exclusively on lifelong quality. We are able to solve any task even if it seems impossible, and we do it with the utmost devotion and enthusiasm.


We want to give our customers the very same trust and cooperation that we give to each other as a family and co-worker. We believe that true quality lies not only in the smallest flawless detail, but also in the satisfaction of our clients.

Our team

We are always enthusiastic about our duties, whether we design in our workshops or lead constructions on site. Based on the feedback, this is also seen by our customers, which makes us satisfied. Working together is made unclouded not only by our close family ties but also by the love for our profession.


Szabolcs Galbovy

Attila Galbovy

Kecskemét establishment

Kiskőrös establishment